Friends and family love to see caricatures of themselves and each other so it’s always well received and a great ice breaker.

My caricature takes 5 minutes for one person to be done but I can do couples and family groups on one page which speeds things up so a lot can be done.

I could capture all the giggles and make a little  video with live action + photo screenshots.

With your permission I would then put it on Facebook for you and your guests to enjoy after the event.

I would usually draw within a 3 hour slot at your event, but other times can be arranged.

Best time is right at the start. I can wander around the drinks reception causing a fun commotion and breaking the ice I can move on to work around tables. Other times can be arranged.

For 3 hours prices within my locale would start at £350. The price varies depending on location and working time.

That’s easy. Contact me using the form at the bottom of this page and I will check the date and if available I’ll send a booking form and £100 deposit request.

Imagine giving out Surprise Caricatures to all the main players at the end of the speeches. They think it’s all over….it is now!